Domestic Carpet Cleaning Services

You want your home to be clean and smart. Over time, even the best quality carpets collect dust and dirt.

Our specialised carpet cleaning process removes dirt and stains easily without harming the fibres or the environment.
 domestic carpet cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in London

We specialize in safe, Dry/Wet Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in London. We have been of service to London homes and businesses for over 20 years and we have more then 10000 regular customers who have been using our services for many years now.

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

Deep steam clean uses the most up to date cleaning services techniques to offer you the best possible services. We can say with proud that we supply the highest standard of cleaning.

Using our specialist equipment your carpets will be dry within 45 minutes and ready to walk on again.

domestic carpet cleaning


Leather Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Whether its your leather sofa, leather car seats or other leather covered items, we can remove all ground in dirt, restoring the natural grains, patterns and stitching. Just as a wax applied to your cars paintwork helps protect the surface, our leather cleaning solutions help to protect your leather and keep it strong and moisturised helping to prevent drying out and cracking.

Why Deep Steam Clean?

GBM use a Hot Water Extraction method also known as DEEP STEAM CLEANING which is the best and the most efficient carpet and upholstery cleaning method. It is an advanced process, which cleans carpets deep down to the base of the carpet, safely, thoroughly and quickly. We feel that clean carpet isn't just for appearance, it's also for health. That is why the cleaner we use is completely safe and all natural. Most of the solutions commonly used by carpet cleaners depend heavily on dangerous chemicals such as butyl solvents. They must use heavy fragrances to mask the strong chemical odour created by their products.

Our cleaner by comparison has no odour, leaves no residue and is completely safe both for you and the environment. To top it off, our carpet cleaning process leaves carpets dry in only 45 mins. Perfect for allergy sufferers or anyone concerned about the health of their family.

Why use us?

We know that you have many choices when looking for London carpet cleaning companies. We make your choice easy. Just look at what we offer and you will see that we are a carpet cleaning company like no other. a company you can trust.

No hidden charges, no high pressure sales tactics
and no dangerous chemicals

Every home owns a vacuum cleaner. Our cleaners however are far more superior. They have more powerful suction and cleaning capabilities.

Sofa’s, armchairs and other soft furnishings take a lot of punishment. They collect dust, stains, dead skin and various mites deep within the foam. Very often you cant even see the dangers. Steam cleaning not only cleans the surface of the fabrics, it also gets deep down into the foam, removing dust and killing all the elements which cause discomfort and dangers for asthma and allergy sufferers.

After a party or gathering, frequently we find accidents happen. Drinks get spilt, food gets dropped on the floor or just the quantity of traffic causes minor marks or stains on your carpets. Often, it doesn’t warrant deep cleaning the entire carpet. However, many customers are concerned that by only cleaning a small area will show up the dirt over the rest of the carpet. Our technicians are experts in the removal of isolated marks and stains without the need to clean the whole room.

With our deep steam cleaning technology, carpets are left clean and dry within minutes and because we use steam, it also kills bugs and viruses making the environment safe for young and elderly people as well as all types of allergy sufferers. Steam cleaning your carpets also extracts all those odours and stains which other methods cant reach. Steam cleaning your carpets is a safe and environmentally friendly method with proven results.